Currently open for custom pet portraits!

Thank you for your interest in having me create a personalized portrait of your beloved fuzzy babies!
(I say fuzzy, though that does not mean I'm excluding any pets with feathers, scales, hooves, etc.)
Listed below are my price quotes based on the size of the piece & the medium.
Please read all the way through to the bottom of the page for more details.



*All charcoal drawings will have 2-3 layers of workable fixative sprayed on to prevent any smearing!*
5x7 - $25.00
8x10 - $30.00
9x12 - $45.00
11x14 - $60.00


5x7 - $45.00
8x10 - $50.00
9x12 - $65.00
11x14 - $80.00
12x16 - $95.00

Color pencil

5x7 - $45.00
8x10 - $50.00
9x12 - $65.00
11x14 - $80.00

water color

5x7 - $60.00
8x10 - $75.00
9x12 - $90.00
11x14 - $105.00
12x16 - $120.00

oil paint

Any oil paintings I do for you may need about a 4 week waiting period
to guarantee that it's 100% dry to the touch, then layered with a sealant/varnish
to preserve the paint and the pigments.
8x10 - $90.00
9x12 - $105.00
11x14 - $130.00
*Larger sizes currently unavailable*

For serious inquiries, contact me at
Please provide me a high quality, clear image of your beloved pet, then from there we
can discuss more details for the portrait, followed by "My Terms of Service".

Thanks a bunch, & hope to hear from you soon!